Business and social meeting trends have been continuously changing throughout the recent years and new standards for set-up and interior design aim at making meetings more casual and interactive. Dynamic collaboration spaces and customizable workstations are usually provided by touch-screen tables, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

CORING can be generally characterized as one of these, but it is not just another touch-screen table. It is a technology integrated furniture system with unique characteristics, like it’s rotating round table top, a detachable standing or sitting support for up to 6 people, fully costumizable device connectivity (DIY) and contemporary user-oriented aesthetics.

CORING combines superior elements and incorporates a unique and innovative design, creating a one-of-a –kind piece of furniture necessary in every modern business environment. Uncompromised built and functional quality lead also to a unique product with great potential.

CORING can accommodate up to 6 people with space for their personal items or beverages. Its rotating table system allows any of its users to customize and use as his/her own personal computer “on-the-fly”. All of these 6 people can use the touch-screen table at a standing or sitting position, as long as the other can rest in a semi-standing or sitting relaxing position. This resting area can be easily removed in order for the table to be used in a different fashion.

In terms of pc system connectivity, CORING is very versatile, as long as the UI of the touch-screen system is “plug and play” and nearly every OS devise can connect and function with this. This characteristic allows many different users to convert their own devises easily into a large 43″ touch-screen computer, even during the same business meeting!

CORING uses components only from the BEST 

DISPLAX skin ultra


CORNING gorilla glass

NEC display C431