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the core of meeting

CORING_TWIST is not just another touch-screen table. It's unique design, technology integration and best of their class components consist TWIST one of a kind. It aims to redefine business meetings with its customizability into a more creative and interactive experience!

...Imagine you go with other 4-5 people in a meeting workspace, you plug two common(HDMI+USB) cables to your PC/laptop/stick/NUC and you show your work on a large horizontal touch screen! Furthermore, the whole table is rotating and all people can see, touch and fully interact with your work as many times as they want... after some hours it has been done a lot of creative progress on your work, directly made in your PC/laptop/tablet/stick/etc. This is CORING_TWIST, a new interactive collaboration experience!


It is made mostly for the informal/internal meetings among the employees of a company, in order to enhance their collaboration and productivity. It differs from any other touch-table, as it provides an innovative working space, that can be customized to meet the various needs of its users. So, It could be a very useful meeting tool for architects, designers, progressive presentations/evaluations, home appliances or cars industries, universities, hospitals or various events/exhibitions.



rotating touch-screen table allowing equal interaction for six(6) people

plug&play with almost any device-PC even during the same meeting

compatible with object recognition or pen or mouse/keyboard

CNC cut and handmade metal structure with easy on-site assembly

exceptional components for the touch system, the cover top glass and monitor

detachable standing or sitting support following the overall furniture design aesthetics

uniquely designed interactive furniture with four(4) color options